ScaleUp Group

ScaleUp Group has extensive entrepreneurial experience and competence on running growth programs for scale-ups. Impressive network and strong partnerships in the Swedish ecosystem for scale-ups.

Verona Growth Finland

Verona Growth helps scale-ups grow, both by helping them to build partnerships with corporates as well as with specific growth challenges.

Maria 01

Maria 01 brings together startups, scale-ups, venture capital firms, investor networks, business accelerators, corporates, and other ecosystem players under the same roof.


Nordic Innovation

Nordic Innovation offers an alumni network and services after the program to create and maintain synergies and connections on a Nordic level.The program is part of Nordic Innovation's Nordic Scalers 2.0 initiative and was created with Nordic Innovation's funding.

Nordic Innovation House

Nordic Innovation House offers complimentary services packages for scale-ups participating in the program. Nordic Innovation House is based in Silicon Valley, Tokyo and Singapore.