We are seeking founders and their leadership teams who are navigating significant transitions in their ScaleUp ventures. Specifically, we are looking for teams in one of the following stages: 

1. Your ScaleUp is gaining significant traction with increasing sales, and your product-market fit has been validated. Your team is growing, and as a founder, you are working extremely hard (perhaps too hard) to keep up with the pace. You feel that you can no longer keep up and need a break to regroup and organize. 

2. Your ScaleUp has moved beyond the initial chaos but struggles to break through to the next level of growth. It seems like setbacks occur just as you start to make progress. If you are in need of a multi-year strategy, specialized personnel, a management team, and refined processes and systems but are finding it difficult to organize these elements. Founder(s) feel that their role is changing.

In order to be selected for the program, your ScaleUp needs to meet the criteria below

Your Scaleup...

  • is based in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway or Iceland.
  • has an established ambitious Management Team that is eager to learn.
  • has in between 20-60 FTE
  • has a yearly turnover of in between 2-15 mio euro
  • grows >20% each year
  • has a scaleable businessmodel
  • (nice to have) has a Nordic perspective

We expect that either the Founder or a member of the Management Team apply for the program and be available for any follow-up questions.